Everything you need to know about our Policies and T & C's are in the drop lists below... Still have questions? Please contact us :)

Product information

How long will my fairy floss last?

In short...Months! We put a best before date on all our tubs of 3 Months, but if you can resist your floss longer, they CAN last up to 6 month and still be consumed safely.
Please remember as soon as your fairy floss is exposed to the open air
it should be consumed immediately or resealed in an airtight container
for up to a week.

Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected.

How to store fairy floss?

Fairy floss is fragile! It does not like high heats, the air, or moisture. These will cause it to shrivel and crystalize. Keep your fairy floss in a cool dry location inside its airtight container until ready for consuming. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

Vibration can also cause these fluffy clouds to shrink so please avoid shaking or dropping.

How do I get personalised labels?

Once you've chosen your preffered flavours and quantities leave us a note at checkout with your preffered theme. 

We will then contact you via the email youve supplied and run through some ideas. We have hundreds of themes to work with and will work with you to achieve the desired look. We also welcome your own images or inspiration, check out our Facebook for ideas
of our past creations.

Our labels are 60mm in diameter.

Dietary Requirements.

Fairy floss is naturally Gluten free, Dairy free, Wheat free and Vegan Friendly.

Some of our other items are not!

Let us know as soon as possible if there are dietary restrictions and we will try to accommodate.

Please be aware our Baked goods are not made in a nut free or gluten free environment. However if allergies are present we will do everything in our power to prevent and avoid cross-contamination.

How big are your tubs?

Our event sized tubs are 15g, our fairy floss cakes and giant tubs 180g.
What does that even mean??? Our small 15g tubs are 280ml and contain about the same quantity as what you get spun on a standard stick at festivals.

Our fairy floss cakes and giant tubs are a massive 2Litres at 180g and are the equivalent of 12 event tubs.

Big things come in small packages! BUT don't worry its just as fluffy as always!

Delivery information

Processing time

We do our best to get your orders out as fast as we can and this can take 5-8 Business days to arrive on your doorstep.

Our built in date selector has an 8 day lead time. This allows for creation of your order, designs and ofcourse postage.

Please let us know before placing an order if you need it sooner we will do our best to accomodate!

Cancellations & Refunds

We understand that life does not always go to plan. We will accept cancellations up to 5 days prior to your pickup/delivery date and provide a 50% refund. If an order is cancelled 5 days or less, before the due date, you forfeit the full amount. If an order has been finished and your party has been cancelled, the order still must be paid for and taken by you.


Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected.

Once your order has left our hands or placed safely in your vehicle, it then becomes your responsibility. Lylahbelle Sweets cannot be held accountable for Couriers, reckless driving or for orders that have been stored against advisement.

Orders for DELIVERY

We ship All of our items EXPRESS Australia wide. We know first hand how expensive Express postage can be so we are covering HALF THE COST and offering FREE SHIPPING for orders over $70 for you! Shipping rates vary based on location from $10-20 and pickup is always available from Cranebrook,

We do not do split orders! If you need multiple delivery dates or locations, Please make separate orders as this would attract additional delivery fees for us and is not covered by our 50% coverage offer for Express shipping.

Unfortunately we cannot offer specific delivery dates due to potential courier delays, we do however keep a watchful eye on delays and may change couriers to accomodate this. Use our date selector to let us know approximately when you want your delivery to arrive. We are happy to delay your delivery if you choose to place your order Weeks/months in advace.

Our system will not allow an order to be made if we are unable to deliver on/before the requested date.

Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected.

Orders for PICKUP

Pickup is always available from our location in Cranebrook free of charge.

We will contact you a few days prior to your requested date to discuss a suitable time as both yours and our schedules are ever changing.

We allow for a 15 minute window for pickups. We understand traffic can be unpredictable, but please remember that this is an appointment window and we have scheduled other customers around your booking. If you are going to be late, please text or call us. We may have to reschedule you, however this will be discussed at the time.

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