About us

We are a small family owned and operated business all about making your day a little bit sweeter! Even if you're all grown up, you still need some daily fun in your life... and for our family, dessert is the most important meal of the day for that exact reason!

What started out as a hobby making desserts and cakes for the family and planning parties for the kids…turned into an amazing business adventure!

Taking inspiration from some of the most creative chefs in the world (and some crazy ideas from a beautiful 5 year old), we have created a wide range of sweets and made magic come alive!

With the support of family, friends and other small businesses we specialize in all things sweet for kids parties, all occasions, events and frequently operate at local markets.

Throughout this journey of experimentation and more than a few calories we’ve brought smiles to peoples faces and used all our abilities to make your events extra special!

We love being a strong part of the community, supporting local schools and encouraging other minds to reach for their dreams. We look forward to being a part of your special events, lives and hopefully adding a little bit of sweetness to your day!

About us - LB Sweets | Fairy floss & Favours
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