How long does fairy floss last?

Depending on packaging, Fairy floss begins to shrink two weeks to six months after manufacturing.
We use Tamper evident tubs which are spill proof and airtight, which allows our floss to stay fresh for 3-6 months if stored in optimal conditions. 
Fairy floss should not be refrigerated but stored in a dry, dark space at room temperature in sealed packaging.
The thickness and seal of the packaging, humidity, room temperature and vibration all will greatly affect how long cotton candy will last. For this reason we do not package our fluffy goodness in bags as they have a significantly shorter lifespan.
Left out in open air, cotton candy will last about ten to twenty minutes. The tubs we prefer to use allow for your floss to be resealed after opening and last a few more weeks if the lid is returned quickly after taking your portion. 
Don't forget! Once you've enjoyed every piece of fairy floss, reuse the containers! Our tubs are BPA free, microwave friendly, freezer safe, spill proof and perfect for takeaway lunches. If you must throw them, they are also recyclable so discard wisely.
How long does fairy floss last? - LB Sweets | Fairy floss & Favours
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